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    THERAPEUTIC/ REMEDIAL MASSAGE: Therapeutic massage facilitates the nervous system into parasympathetic mode - rest and digest. The sense of relaxation is experienced during a session of therapeutic massage. The effects are reduced stress hormones, decreased blood pressure, tired, tense muscles relax, the immune system is supported and general well being is felt.


    MYOFASCIAL/ CONNECTIVE TISSUE RELEASE: Gentle superficial manual stretching of shortened fascia that surrounds and encompasses muscle fibres help with the plasticity and elasticity of the tissue. Myofascial release is applied very slowly; this allows the fascia to 'give'. Release of the fascia in conjunction with massage can restore postural imbalances.


    MOBILISATION: Mobilisation is the gentle movements of joints and vertebrae. With massage applied at the time of treatment, mobilisation enables the surrounding muscles to relax into their correct position assisting in structural re-alignment. It is not vigorous, but allows for ligaments to release in a gentle manner.


    TRIGGER POINT THERAPY: Trigger Point Therapy, locates and releases painful "trigger points" within muscles, to assist in regaining pain-free muscle movement restoring soft tissue function. Treatment involves direct and specific manual pressure which stimulates the receptors within the tissue fibres that activate the nervous system, allowing the body to switch off pain signals.


    MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGEVodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage is directional specific, light manipulations to assist in activating the lymphatic system which lies 3-5 mm beneath the skin surface. The role of the lymphatic system is removal of excess water, proteins, lipids and cells in the interstitial fluid. This treatment is very relaxing and is applied with extremely light pressure. Lymphatic drainage is effective in reducing non-contraindicative oedema (swelling of the tissue due to fluid retention) which may be present pre/ post operation, or due to an injury.


    MYOFASCIAL DRY NEEDLING: This involves the placement of super fine needles into trigger points within the muscle to release tension and ease painful hyperirritable spots. Not to be confused with acupuncture which works on the traditional Chinese meridians, myofascial dry needling works on the myofascial system and is western based.

     HOT STONE MASSAGE: Traditional use of NZ volcanic (basalt) stones to melt the tension away. Used for relaxation or therapeutic treatments.